Info for prospective students


Thanks for your interest in joining the lab :-)

Research in the lab

The lab focuses on developing machine learning (ML) algorithms for fast, motion-robust MRI. This includes:

Desired theoretical background (coursework)

Applicants are expected to have substantial background in signal and image processing.  Specifically, the following Technion courses (or similar courses from other universities) are very useful:

Desired hands-on experience:

Interested in joining?

Please email me - efrat.s at technion dot ac dot il

When applying, please make sure to attach your CV and grades transcript and mention which program (degree & department) you're applying for. Please also mention which relevant courses you took, any previous experience (e.g. projects in industry or academia), and describe your research interests

I get many applications and I do my best to answer all of them as soon as possible. It may take a few days, thanks for your patience. If you didn't get a response at all after a week, please resend the email, I might have missed it (I receive tons of emails..).

Looking forward to hearing from you! :-)



Relevant courses - more info

The following courses are relevant to the research in our lab:

Basic Courses in signal & image processing - highly recommended

Machine learning - basic courses

Medical imaging courses

Optimization courses

Advanced courses in computer vision & machine learning

*Please notice: ECE students can take only up 9 points of courses from other departments and those courses must appear in a specific list - please see here